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Nespresso Cleaning and Descaling Instructions

Nespresso Cleaning and Descaling Instructions
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Synopsis: Most newer Nespresso Machines are equipped with a descaling alarm. When both product buttons (Espresso and Lungo) LEDs blink during ready mode, your machine needs descaling.

Please note these are general instructions for most newer Nespresso Machines. Please refer to the user manual that came with your machine for detailed instructions.

NOTE: duration approximately 15 minutes.

CAUTION: the descaling solution can be harmful. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and surfaces. Never use any product other than the Nespresso descaling kit available at the Nespresso Club to avoid
damage to your machine. Refer to the water hardness table in the user manual which will indicate the descaling frequency required for the optimum performance of your machine, based on water hardness. For any additional questions you may have regarding descaling, please contact your Nespresso Club.

1. Remove the capsule
and close the lever.

1. Retirer la capsule
et fermer le levier.

2. Empty the drip tray and
used capsule container.

2. Vider le bac d’égouttage
et le bac de capsules

3. Fill the water tank with
0.5 L / 17 oz of drinkable
water and add 1 Nespresso
descaling liquid.

3. Remplir le réservoir avec
0,5 L / 17 oz d’eau potable
et ajouter une solution
détartrante Nespresso.

4. Place a container
(minimum volume 1 L / 34 oz)
under the coffee outlet.

4. Placer un récipient
(minimum 1 L / 34 oz) sous
la sortie café.

5. To enter the descaling mode,
while the machine is turned on,
press both the Espresso and Lungo
button for 3 seconds.

5. Appuyer simultanément sur
les touches Espresso et Lungo
pendant 3 secondes lorsque la
machine est en mode marche.

Both LEDs blink.

Les deux voyants

6. Press the Lungo
button and wait until the
water tank is empty.

6. Appuyer sur la touche
Lungo et attendre que le
réservoir d’eau soit vide.

7. Refill the water tank with the
used descaling solution collected
in the container and repeat step
4 and 6.

7. Remplir à nouveau le réservoir
avec la solution détartrante
recueillie dans le récipient et
répéter les étapes 4 et 6.

8. Empty and rinse the
water tank. Fill with
drinkable water.

8. Vider et rincer le réservoir
d’eau, puis le remplir d’eau

9. When ready, repeat step
4 and 6 to now rinse the

9. Pour rincer la machine,
répéter les étapes 4 à 6.

10. To exit the descaling mode, press
both the Epresso and Lungo button
for 3 seconds.

10. Pour quitter le mode détartrage,
appuyer simultanément sur les
touches Espresso et Lungo pendant
3 secondes.

11. The machine is now ready
for use.

11. La machine est maintenant
prête à l’emploi.

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Comments on Nespresso Cleaning and Descaling Instructions

Mike R 18/06/2017 15:43
Excellent Instructions!
Nespresso's are like watching a dumb-show, or a foreign language film without subtitles - hopeless!
Dr Richard G 18/06/2017 06:05
If you have a VERY short memory, these directions are perfect. I followed them all and my Nespresso is sparkling! The coffee flows much more quickly, especially the Ristretto, which is clearly stronger.
Kathy 03/10/2016 02:27
Very easy thank you!!
Karen B 22/08/2016 19:57
Thanks! I found this article and finally figured out how to descale my Essenza machine. The Nespeesso instructions are ridiculous.
Gwen Ladha 17/09/2015 19:21
Excellent article. Since the Nespresso website does not have written step by step instructions this is a lifesaver. The cleaning kit only comes with pictures.

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