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Office Coffee Buyers Guide

Office Coffee Buyers Guide
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A quick overview of the most popular office coffee systems available.

We believe you deserve a gourmet coffee at your work place!
Our premium gourmet coffee beans are specifically formulated for brewing on Bean To Cup super automatic machines and are roasted weekly.
Not only do our beans provide a desirable and fresh cup of coffee, but so does the Pressure Brew Aroma System.

C-Store Self Service Coffee
Variety Store Bean to Cup Fresh Brewed Coffee
Office Coffee Single Cup Brewing
Office Coffee Machines

Office Coffee Break Service


We have a large selection of Bean-To-Cup coffee makers available. Most of them are also ideal to dispense Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte made with fresh milk:


A Fresh Approach:

Each and every cup is freshly ground from whole beans.

A seamless flow from fresh whole beans to the cup…

Enjoy the unmistakable aroma of fresh ground coffee, Cup after Cup...

Before buying a machine for the office, consider the challanges of dealing with fresh milk. We get many calls from offices that are tired of the office coffee traditional vending machine and want to upgrade to better quality product. But to get an authentic Cappuccino or latte in the office, fresh milk is required.
Read more about fresh milk...
Any fresh milk vending solution will require daily cleaning by trained staff.

Office Coffee Turn Key Packages:

A package, which includes coffee beans and super automatic machines, have been selected exclusively to suit the needs of your office. Our premium gourmet coffee beans are roasted weekly and specifically formulated for brewing on super automatic machines. Not only do our beans provide a desirable and fresh cup of coffee, but so does the Pressure Brew Aroma System.


Opal Espresso Machine
Never worry about a stale pot of coffee. The Siena will grind fresh beans and dispense each individual cup, 24 hours a day. Ideal for those night owls...  
Our most popular model for the office coffee serviceis the Schaerer model Siena and Factory. The Siena is a powerful, yet very cost effective coffee and espresso machine, ideal for the office.
Impress your customers in the board room with gourmet coffee, espresso and even cappuccino. Place the machine wherever the need for gourmet coffee.
Schaerer Siena-2

This solution offers 1 integrated grinder. The single step cappuccino system will dispense a Cappuccino made with fresh milk by the touch of a button in one step. No need for your staff to exit the office and go to the nearest coffee shop. Spoil your staff with this cost effective Coffee Station.

Schaerer Coffee Factory
2 integrated grinders for 2 coffee blends. Prepare regular coffee from one bean hopper and specialty coffees from the other bean hopper. The third hopper is used to prepare hot chocolate together with foamed milk or even a Moccaccino, yummy. The integrated fridge will keep the milk chilled all day.



Keurig B200 K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker
The Keurig single serve coffee system is another popular coffee maker for the office. It provides an endless variety of coffee flavours and aromas including hot chocolate and Tea.


Call us to find out how we can help your office improve your coffee experience and learn more about the right solution that fits your needs and budget.

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